Dear Customer, will be ordering. 
Required for ordering. 
 Send an electronic address of three photographs (top, front, side), then I will send you my already-made three-dimensional model, which havaneluts then make the payment. 
Only after the establishment of the amount transferred to the account, I will send you a three-dimensional model in STL format. 

1) Send  the photo  ( top, front, side)
2) pay the Thumb. 

The minimum term for works 3 days a week (long term depends on the size).



Price 10000 AMD. 

simple geometry. simple design, one-piece design 

of the stones of 1 to 5 


Price 12000-15000 AMD. 

Complex geometry, or a combination of a simple model 

of the stones of 5 to 20 pieces 


Price 20000-50000 AMD. 

Complex geometry - the stones of  up to 15 

simple geometry. The number of stones of more than 100 pieces 


Price: Contractual 

changes in 

price. 8000-15000 AMD.